We submit your profile outto new members. From the moment you sign up, your profile will be sent continuously to single agency members who subscribe after you - for as long as you wish - allowing you to have plenty of further opportunities to forge new friendships as they get in touch with you! As we have a continually high number of new members subscribing daily, there is never any lack of new people to meet for friendship or romance, and you will soon discover that you are hearing from new members on a very frequent basis. Throughout your membership with our introduction agency, you can also get hold of optional updated lists containing new profiles.

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Welcome to Single parent dating site

The single-parent dating site

We get you in touch with people you are not likely to meet on any other dating agency website or elsewhere. Our agency, who focuses on single parent families, is cheap, secure, well-established, enjoyably different from that of any other singles dating website such as Tinder and OKCupid, and tailored to match people who cherish family life.

Why is our site for you?

Thousands of single people looking for genuine friends or a partner decide to use our introduction agency instead of automated online dating agencies, telephone dating or personal ads, whose users may not be sincere or family-orientated. That’s not to mention other more expensive introduction agencies.

We promise that everyone you meet through us is on our site because they are in a comparable situation to yourself, and are keen to accept a partner that has kids at home with them or elsewhere. If you don't have kids of your own, but are happy to be with a partner who has, then our dating service will work just as well for you. Even if your offspring are adults, you can still join and get in touch with others like you.

Get in touch!

We offer a fast dating service. If you join our agency online, we will put through your application form the same day or subsequent working day, and you will hear from us shortly afterwards with information about other single members to get in touch with. Our clever computer system is even capable give you details of agency members who joined our website on the very same day as you, as our website is constantly being made up to date in order to ensure that each person gets "up-to-the-minute" data.

We give you as much time as you need! There is no time limit on your membership, provided you keep in touch with us regularly.

Meet great singles near you! Just let us know what you're looking for in a partner.